Automate customer service without losing the human touch with LiveChat & ChatBot integration

Working in customer support can be a challenging and rewarding experience. However, it can also be so repetitive and intense that even well-trained and experienced agents might find it difficult to work efficiently. The less effective or motivated your team is, the less satisfied your customers are. Don’t let your agents and customers go through needless aches and pains. Take advantage of the best technological solutions for customer communication, and give your team some breathing space. The LiveChat & ChatBot integration overview The ChatBot platform allows you to design, build, and launch conversational bots in LiveChat. Never heard of Live Chat? It’s a robust customer service solution offering handy chat tools and an offline ticketing system. LiveChat allows you to quickly resolve website and Facebook queries, reach out to customers proactively using personalized greetings and provide high-quality customer support 24⁄7. To create your chatbots, you can either use ChatBot Visual Builder or upload one of ready-made, task-specific templates. Each of them can be customized to fit your needs. ChatBot is a native LiveChat application with a smooth integration process that doesn’t require coding. To prove we’re not pulling the wool over your eyes, we’ve prepared a short tutorial that shows all the steps you need to follow to connect both tool