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Lead Generation Games

Developing lead generation games for clients. Solutions are cross-platform and tailor-made to your requirements.

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What are lead generation games?
Lead generation games are games that contain systems that capture user data. 
During the course of the game, the user would be prompted with a screen that asks for important information. Upon successful submission of the information, a system will process this and present the compiled data (leads) in an easy to understand format. 
The compiled leads are then used for follow-up marketing, newsletter updates, research 
studies, etc.
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Case Study - marketjs
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Case study: Kia Plinko Game

We collaborated with Kia Motors to design and develop a promotional game. The goal is to build an instant win game that would drive sales and collect visitor lead information at Kia-branded showrooms in car exhibitions across the United States.


Read the full case study here.

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Case study: Boost Mobile 3 Card Monte Game

We helped Boost Mobile, a US-based wireless carrier launch a branded card game at a trade show. The goal was to generate brand awareness and collect leads for future upsell.

To add a touch of competition, we added a registration, login and leaderboard system. Booth visitors got to compete for the top 10 spots.

Read the full case study here.

What are lead generation games?
Lead generation games are designed to immerse the user within a brand's core values. 
Some of the benefits include:
- Use the generated leads for follow-up marketing and sales funnels
- Deploy as part of a promotional campaign
- Gauge consumer interest by selling products within the game
- Reward users by offering real-world, or in-game prizes
- Generate buzz via social networks
- Use at exhibitions to engage people and collect leads from your booth
Engaging content for your users
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To start, have a look at our ready-made games. Let us know which games you like, and we'll come back with a price estimate of the game,

complete with the

Lead Generation System (LGS).

For an additional fee, we're also able to customize the games to include the look and feel of your brand. Examples include a custom splash screen and logos of your brand,

inserted within the game

Engaging content for your users
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There are many ways to distribute lead generation games. One way is to build landing pages (marketing pages), which contain the embedded game. The page would be responsively designed to fit the form factor of the consumer's devices.

Another great way is to distribute shortened web links via social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These links, upon clicked by the consumer, will load the lead generation games immediately, giving instant brand engagement. No slow downloads via the App Store, or Google Play. Just instantaneous gaming.

Yet another way is to package the lead generation games into native app formats, to be distributed via App Store, Google Play, Amazon App Store and Windows Phone App Store.

Which platforms do you support?
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Our lead generation games are HTML5-based, which means they work on the web browsers of all modern smartphones, tablets, desktop PCs and laptops. We cover iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Mac, Windows PC and more.

We have a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to developing our games. This has worked very well for our clients.

If you require a native app format, we can also easily convert our games into native iOS, Android and Windows phone formats. Our technology allows us to easily cater to multiple platforms at once.

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